Career Development Program


One of the CRE aims is to develop the health and medical research workforce by providing opportunities to advance the training of new researchers(PhD students and Research Fellows), particularly those with a capacity for independent research and future leadership roles. The CRE in to Transform Australia’s Chronic Disease Outcomes will create a critical mass of expertise, collaborations and platforms in the field of digital public health research.

In addition to their own research projects, each research trainee’s research career and academic development will be enhanced by:

  • Mentoring by CIs/AIs and by a health consumer.
  • Participation in additional research projects selected to build each Trainee’s exposure to a range of opportunities in relation to digital health innovations/technologies.
  • Industry and research exchange placements that actively build Trainees’skills.
  • Attending relevant research seminars, journal clubs and workshops/intensives, including an Annual CRE TrainingWorkshop, CRE Retreat & CRE Design Challenge events.
  • Attending the UoM Annual Research Bazaar88, which is an existing 3-day intensive conference where researchers from all career stages come together to up-skill in ‘next generation digital research tools and skills’, such as big data and data science.
  • Undertaking coursework units in digital health offered as part of UoM’s recently established Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Digital Health.


The Career Development Program is a training platform for early career researchers affiliated with the Connected Health CRE. The Career Development Program creates cooperative, flexible opportunities for members to enhance digital health research capacity, and to develop relationships with academic and non-academic stakeholders.


Support cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral digital health research capacity and career development among early career academics and clinician scientists to transform chronic disease outcomes


Collaboration | Training | Innovation | Leadership | Flexibility

The Connected Health CRE runs regular webinars delivered by local and international collaborators covering topics such as chatbots, health literacy, automated programs to improve diabetes management, and human and digital navigators. You can view our past and upcoming events here.