Jenny Jung

PhD Student

Jenny Jung is a clinical epidemiologist in Australia whose research focuses on implementation of prevention and management strategies for chronic diseases in low- and middle-income countries. With previous professional experience in Australian Federal Government and non-profit organizations across Asia, Jenny is an advocate for health equity and has extensive skills in global health, epidemiology, and maternal health. Her research works at the intersection of public health and social justice, developing key evidence-based insights to inform development of clinical practice guidelines and novel digital tools to improve affordability, accessibility, and coverage of health services.

Jenny’s work explores methods to strengthen data, improve monitoring, and delivery of health interventions through innovative digital health solutions. She is part of the Digicare4You working group funded by European Union which aims to develop a sustainable digital health solution to address diabetes and hypertension in the European region. Jenny’s work also supports development of digital health interventions to reduce maternal mortality and improve perinatal health across South-East Asian countries. At the heart of her research projects, she aims to improve equity in health systems and improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations, particularly low socio-economic groups.